2019 Runners



Lawson is currently a Regional VP with HD Supply, Facilities Maintenance Division. Prior to HD Supply, he was a Six Sigma leader and a National Account Manager for General Electric Appliances, responsible for the Home Depot account. Lawson served in the United States Marine Corps for 11 years, deploying several times. Lawson is dedicated to the cause. Having lost his Vietnam-era uncle to PTSD-related suicide, the mission to end the cycle has personal meaning. He also knows that there are countless post-9/11 veterans in the country who are desperate to find help, so bringing more awareness and needed resources to the SHARE Military Initiative is one of the most important things in his life. Lawson lives in Kennesaw and is married with two children.



Nathaniel was born in Blue Ridge, Georgia in January of 1991. Nathaniel spent his entire childhood in the small North Georgia town of Blairsville. He attended Union County School Systems, from which he graduated in 2009. After graduation, Nathaniel joined the United States Marine Corps. Nathaniel has since gained a wonderful wife and loving daughter who support him through everything.


Pablo Chavez is an Active Duty Marine Gunnery Sergeant currently stationed in Smyrna, GA. He has served over 13 years with a few deployments to include the Middle East and Asia. Pablo is proud to serve as a beacon for the SHARE Military Initiative. He believes it is a needed program, with needed treatment for our military members that are suffering in our communities.



Travis Ellis is a Georgia native, business owner, community leader and civilian patriot. His admiration, profound respect for and dedication to veterans began when he was a kid, hanging out with his grandfather, a World War II veteran and his best friend. Travis wanted to make a lasting difference in the lives of veterans returning from post-9/11 wars with PTSD and TBI. In 2014, he and Troy Campbell co-founded Shepherd’s Men. Travis was recently honored by the Recipients of the Medal of Honor to receive the Citizen Honors Award for his tireless efforts with the Shepherd’s Men on behalf of veterans, the highest recognition a civilian can receive. Travis runs Mobilized Fuels in Marietta, GA, a fleet fuel service company, and enjoys time off with his wife and three children at their home in Senoia, GA.


Jason Gallagher is an attorney living in the mountains of Grundy, Virginia with his wife, Katie. He was honored to run with the Shepherd’s Men team in Washington, DC and Asheville, NC during the 2017 campaign, and is excited about joining the team fulltime for the 2018 campaign. Jason knows first-hand the devastating effects PTSD has on our combat veterans – in 2015, he lost his brother and best friend, Matthew Gallagher, a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan.  “After the memorial service for a fallen soldier, General Martin Dempsey would shake the hand of the surviving teammates of the fallen and tell them simply ‘make it matter.’ I am running to make Matt’s death matter – to give a voice to those who suffer in silence.”

Jason Gallagher


Jason Greene is a third generation Marine and grew up enamored with the service of his grandfather, a Marine who served in the Pacific during World War II, and his father, a Marine infantry officer in Vietnam.  Jason and his youngest brother, also a Marine, have deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively.  Jason is an inaugural member of Shepherd’s Men, and along with his teammates, is staunchly committed to supporting the SHARE Military Initiative through awareness and fundraising.  It is his belief that efforts today not only support the current generation, but also lay the foundation for the next generation of men and women who are asked to defend freedom. Jason is currently serving on active duty as one of only 15 Marines working as a District Injured Support Coordinator for the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, but will be transitioning to the private sector in the summer 2017.  Jason is supported by his incredible wife, daughter, and son.


Christopher Hutton is a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army with 17 years of service.  He is a native of the Metro Atlanta area, and currently resides in Marietta, GA with his wife and two children.  He has deployed in support of combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Chris is running with the Shepherd’s Men because the SHARE Military Initiative is providing life-saving treatment for veterans every day.  Too many service members have returned home with TBIs, a defining injury of service in these modern conflicts, and have been unable to receive the care needed to effectively treat these injuries.  Chris wants to raise awareness about this program in order to ensure the maximum number of veterans can receive treatment through it.



Ernesto Juarez is a Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, born and raised in Texas. He has served in the Marine Corps for over thirteen years and has had the pleasure to make a stop in almost every part of the world. He deployed and served overseas five times, and now continues to serve in the home front. He says he could not have met a better group with which to serve and runs on a mission to make a difference for veterans who have sacrificed so much.


Rammon hails from the small town of Dayton, TN. He graduated from Rhea County High School in 2007 and left shortly thereafter for Marine Corps recruit training, in Paris Island, SC. He served in the Marines for eight years, which included one tour to Iraq and two tours to Afghanistan. The struggles of those who have defended our country are shared by Rammon. He runs with the Shepherd’s Men to continue to give back, and share the burden with our brothers and sisters in arms.  This will be Rammon’s fourth year running with the team. He works and lives in the Metro Atlanta area, where he enjoys spending time with his two wonderful children and fiancé.



Walter Marques is originally from Providence, Rhode Island.  He has served in the military for the past 17 years, deploying overseas several times.  Walter is running to spread awareness about veteran suicide.  He believes there is an inherent responsibility of every American to advocate for service members who have dedicated their lives for our freedoms.  Walter will run his second Shepherd’s Men run this year. He is married and has three kids.


Zachrey Mount is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, born and raised in Marietta, GA. He has served for nine years and has deployed twice. After working on a few events with the Shepherds Men and understanding the cause they support, he knew he needed to be a part of the team. One of the rookies on the team this year, excited to make an impact.



Armando Morales is originally from San Diego, California.  He has served with the United States Marine Corps for the last 17 years.  He is married and has two children.  Has deployed twice overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He is running with the Shepherds Men to spread the word of veteran suicide awareness, knowing first-hand what it is like to deal with these issues, as well as losing fellow veteran brothers to it.


Jarrad Turner, a SHARE Military Initiative graduate, served as a medic in the US Army from 2001 through 2010, deploying twice. On his second deployment, he was injured during an attack. He was medically evacuated and underwent four shoulder surgeries and two elbow surgeries. He was medically retired from the Army in 2010 due to the residuals of his injuries.  In 2012, he became a SHARE client. While in the program, he received treatment for his injuries. He joined the Shepherd’s Men as a way to help himself and to honor his fellow brothers-in-arms who were lost in combat and to suicide. The Shepherd’s Men run is a way for Jarrad to honor the memory of those he has lost and to let the families of those who have been lost, know that he will never forget about their loved ones. “My oath does not have an expiration date.”

Tony De Vita


Tony is a Director with UBS Financial Services here in Atlanta and is responsible for addressing wealth management and financial planning needs for private and institutional clients.  He and his wife, Katie, are graduates of the University of Georgia.  Along with their 2 children, they live in Cumming, GA and all enjoy an active lifestyle.  Tony’s participation originates from a commitment to raise civilian awareness and participation in helping those suffering from PTSD. As a civilian, it must be acknowledged veterans cannot be left in solitude and isolated from society to deal with these issues alone and Tony is running to help this effort.


Chip Williams is a project manager with Brasfield & Gorrie, a commercial construction company, in Atlanta. He and his wife, Krissy, have two daughters – he likes to spend as much time as possible with them now before they get old enough to decide he isn’t that cool. This is Chip’s second year on the team, and he is running because he has a deep appreciation for the freedoms he enjoys in this country and sees this as an opportunity to give something back to those who have given up so much for him.


Support Team



Non-running team members providing support to Shepherd’s Men are Glynda and Glen Thor. Retired from corporate life, they have been involved since the 2014 Shepherd’s Men inaugural run, assisting with logistics and promotion of the Shepherd’s Men mission. Glynda’s background is corporate and marketing communications, public relations and graphic design. Glen’s forty-year career as a lighting sales professional, who traveled extensively, prepared him to help plan trip logistics, routes and making contacts for the Shepherd’s Men. They are committed to helping raise awareness and funds for veterans in need of the SHARE Military Initiative, as well as helping the runners meet their goals.


Krissy Williams is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys spending time with her husband Chip and their two daughters. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and a die-hard Bulldog fan. Having spent 10 years in the food service industry, she now divides her time between volunteering at her church, her daughters’ school, and either coaching their softball team or cheering them on in other activities. Because her father is a Vietnam veteran, Krissy is passionate about all veteran causes and a supporter of veteran-owned businesses.


Legacy Team Members



Leo Briseno is a 27-year-old Marine with nine years of active service. He has always had a passion for fitness and helping his fellow man, especially veterans. He learned about the lifesaving work of the SHARE program while stationed in Smyrna, GA and immediately jumped on board with the Shepherd’s Men group to help spread the message. He is originally from Corpus Christi, TX and is currently stationed in Albuquerque, NM.


A United States Marine, Troy and Travis Ellis co-founded the Shepherd’s Men in 2014. He believes SHARE is saving lives and feels an obligation to help. Troy feels blessed by God to have a great family and to be fortunate enough to live in this great nation and feels that he must give back.  “There is enough talk in this country already and it is time we have some action.” Troy lives in San Antonio, TX and is married with two children.



Jerry Jordan was a career United States Marine. Jerry’s leadership on the run was invaluable for the success of the 2016 campaign. Jerry has since retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years in the Recon community and has settled with his family in Acworth, GA.


James Peterson is a graduate of the SHARE program.  He runs because he knows that the SHARE program saves lives.  He knows what it is like to feel that the only way to stop the pain from PTSD/TBI is to commit suicide.  He was ready to make that decision before he entered the SHARE program but knows that, after SHARE, he will be there for his wife while they watch their boys grow into men. He runs for those who feel there is no hope and to reach that veteran who feels that there is no one who can help. James asks everyone to please support the Shepherd’s Men and the SHARE Military Initiative to save lives because he know it has saved his own.



An inaugural team member, Angelo has served in the United States Marine Corps for ten years and deployed in 2006. He resides in Great Lakes, IL with his family. He is a husband and father and, for him, there is nothing more important than family. He is a strong team member in support of SHARE to help veterans in need.