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Shepherd’s Men Swim Six Miles in Honor of the Fallen Five

(July 15, 2023) - Swim followed Remember the Brave Ceremony at the Fallen Five Memorial - CHATTANOOGA – Shepherd’s Men, a team of active duty, medically retired and honorably discharged servicemen and civilian patriots honored the Fallen Five at a Remember the Brave ceremony and 6-mile swim on the eight-year anniversary of the unprovoked attack that killed four Marines and a Navy Sailor on July 16, 2015, in Chattanooga, TN. The National Medal of Honor Heritage Center joined with Shepherd’s Men to host the day’s events.

Shepherd’s Men paid tribute to the fallen, while drawing inspiration from the living—who have had their lives forever altered by the care they received at SHARE Military Initiative, an Atlanta-based comprehensive program that provides free clinical care to post-911 veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress.

“We are in Chattanooga to honor and remember the brave warriors that fell on July 16, 2015. If we as a people fail to practice vigilance, in remembering our fallen heroes, then we will have committed the greatest dishonor and they will have died twice,” said Travis Ellis, Shepherd’s Men co-founder. “We must also care for our veterans who return home with visible and invisible wounds. Our veterans deserve to live meaningful, gratifying lives with their families after their courageous service to our country. Many veterans sit at home in isolation struggling with the injuries sustained in combat. This swim reinforces the fact that no one is alone. SHARE is the vessel that can help navigate the most turbulent waters.”


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