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Lifting Up Our Warriors In Need

The Mission

Shepherd's Men is an organization comprised of dedicated patriots committed to creating advocacy and opportunity for our nation's veteran heroes who have been affected by the hidden injuries of war. We will serve our noble warriors by means of outreach, empowerment, and funding of treatment. It is our belief that victory in combat is achieved on two fronts; on the field and in the mind.


We will share the burden and lift up our warfighters in need, who have protected our freedoms and sacrificed so much for this country. We strive to identify those veterans who are at risk and have not yet found the effective treatment to restore them back to health, either physically or emotionally.


Shepherd’s Men’s very own Travis Ellis was featured as a guest on Frank Blake’s podcast, Crazy Good Turns, to talk about the incredible journeys he and the team have embarked upon to raise funds and awareness for the SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center.


🎧 Listen to the episode using the player or by visiting the Crazy Good Turns site. 

Fighting Veteran Suicides

We believe victory is achieved on two fronts: on the field and in the mind. We will share the burden and lift up our warriors in need.


Comprised of active or retired servicemen and civilian volunteers, Shepherd’s Men enthusiastically raises awareness and funds for the SHARE Military Initiative (SHARE) at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. Click below to learn more and discover how you can get involved in this life-changing work.


Making A Difference

Since 2014, Shepherd’s Men has raised more than $6 million and the team has run more than 5,000 miles. Our goal is to cover SHARE’s annual clinical budget of $1.2 million and increase the number of clients who can be served and saved each year.

Our events are family-friendly and open to the public. 

Save A Life. Shop Now.

We are in the process of revamping our online store and merchandise. Please check back here often for updates.

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